Looking For The Perfect Palette?

The right color palette is the most important part of a well designed space, but there are so many colors to choose from. There are many factors to think about when choosing colors, including:

  • The vibe you want to feel in the space
  • The light that flows in
  • The functions of the room
  • The other rooms your space opens up to

Open Floor Plan

With more and more homes having an open floor plan, it becomes important to consider all areas when choosing your colors. When it comes to treating the walls, we look around us and then up because the ceiling is considered the fifth wall, and important as well. You want your total space to show off your style and flow well from one room to the next. Color can be overwhelming to think about.

We’ll Find You The Perfect Color Scheme

That is where we come in! We will assist you in selecting a color scheme that completes the look you want for one room, or an entire home. We advise you on the main colors that fit your space, and select accent colors to use on focal points, on ceilings, and on trim. We help you come up with inspirational wall treatments, and give you tips on coordinating colors together. We bring swatches of paint colors to consider and educate you about what different colors and shades of color will work. We will help you bring in the fun, the funky, the romance, the inspiration, the drama, the dreamy, light and airy, or whatever mood you want to feel in your room.

We Provide Color Consultation On:

  1. Main colors that fit your space.
  2. Accent colors to use on focal points, ceilings and trim.
  3. Inspirational wall treatments.
  4. Tips with coordinating colors together.
“Paint color changes a rooms look dramatically!”