Looking For a One-Time Consult to Get You Moving in the Right Direction?

Our two hour in-home consultation is an affordable way to get expert interior design advice. This two-hour consult might be just what you need to motivate you to start your project. We meet at the space you would like to focus on and spend the 2 hours however you want. Once the two hours are up, we leave and you can get started on your home project! Common issues we focus on include:

  • Paint Color
  • Space Planning
  • Wall Art
  • Material Selection

Get a Fresh Pair of Eyes On a Project You Are Working On

We offer inspiration for a room you have some ideas for. You tell us what you are struggling with and we try to solve it.

A Great Service for Someone Who Recently Moved into a New Home

We offer some direction on how to work within a new home that includes a different layout than your previous residence; perhaps an open floor plan.  If you are considering investing in new furniture you found but not sure it will fit or work well with the overall style you want to achieve, we can review your choices at your new home and save you from spending money on furniture that won’t work.

Contact us to schedule your Two Hour In-Home Consultation today. Payment is due at this consult (cash or check are accepted forms of payment)

Two Hour In-Home Consultation will provide you with:

  1. Paint colors for walls, trim, and ceilings.
  2. Space planning to lay out new and existing furniture pieces.
  3. Wall art and decor to finish off your space.
  4. Material selections for flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and wall treatments.
“Paint color can change a rooms look dramatically!”