Love Your Room offers full service interior design and decorating solutions that include:

  • Initial Consult
  • Design Concept
  • Implementation Phase
  • Final Details

Project Types

From kitchen and bath renovations, to foyers, family rooms, living rooms, home offices, bedrooms, basements, and any other room you want re-imagined and renovated, we can assist you every step of they way. From the initial design to the final installation, we work with you, the contractors, trades people, setting deliveries, tracking orders, and finalizing every last detail down to the artwork hung on the wall. Having LYR involved in each step of your interior design project provides you with a continuous progression towards your end goal, and leads to a timeless result with the look and feel you are striving for.

Homeowners & Business

Love Your Room has been servicing both residential and commercial clients with large and small renovations for over ten years. Our success is attributed to our attention to detail, ability to listen to our clients needs, collaboration with quality contractors, and understanding the value of your time and money.

Why LYR Is Different

Place your project in the hands of an experienced team that appreciates how important your home project is, and knows how to get the best results with the least amount of interruptions and inconveniences possible. Our goal is to leave you with a space that exceeds your expectations.

Our Process

  1. Initial Consult

    During this first meeting, we learn about you, your lifestyle, and the vision you wish to create. This initial phase allows us to discover your style, your project focus, and see what is involved. We do a walk through of your space, discuss a number of possible requirements for the project, problems to address, and offer thoughts regarding solutions. We take into consideration your budget and timeline. This gives you the opportunity to get accurate, realistic information and lays the foundation for the work to be completed.

    We follow up the Initial Consultation meeting with a formal Proposal outlining the scope of work and fees associated with the project. This is presented to you for approval, and once accepted, your project is initiated!

  2. Design Concept

    Now we take our first steps towards bringing your project to life! This is the Design Concept development stage. This phase requires intricate thinking and planning, with the end result always foremost in our minds, so your project is guaranteed a success.

    We measure and photograph your space, and gather all of the information needed to generate conceptual plans on paper. During this phase we collaborate with our vendors and contractors, assess the plans, and provide estimates. There are always questions to consider, details to review, and meetings with numerous people as a project comes to life. Detailed plans and organized ideas are key to a successful project!

    Having conceptual drawings along with our plan ideas are invaluable as they allow you to see our design and are a great visual of what your space can become! Working finished plans with finalized details for contractors will be done during the Implementation Phase.

    After our research, we meet with you to present a preliminary design for your space, complete with recommendations for materials, finishes, furnishings, lighting, and space planning. We show you sketches, decorative details, and pricing estimates for your approval.

  3. Implementation Phase

    Once the Design Phase is complete, budget estimates are approved, and a deposit is secured for the work to start, the Implementation Phase begins. We create finalized working drawings and start scheduling our trade professionals for a walk through so they can review your project in person. We then set a start date for the contractor work to begin. This is an important process and we make sure to cover every last detail. We will begin ordering any construction materials, lighting, furnishings, and decor.

    Love Your Room is on hand to help with scheduling of contractors and will monitor their progress. While this is taking place, we follow up on material and furniture orders. We will do site visits to keep your project moving along. There is a lot of activity during this phase and we will be on hand to resolve any unexpected issues in order to keep your job on track.

    As your project progresses over the next few weeks or months, we are there to make sure the next steps happen, so you end up with a truly transformed space. We are almost done!

  4. Final Details

    Once the contractor work is complete, we set up furniture delivery, window treatment installation, and begin bringing in the decor, artwork, and floor coverings. We set it all for you! This part can be complicated and overwhelming, so we are there to oversee everything and make it easy!

    Our design team will do a final walk through of your completed space and photograph it. At this point we collect any balance due.

“We take your space from design concept to completion, giving you quality service every step of the way!”