Building a New Construction home? Hire us right from the beginning; we assist with the planning and design!

When building a new construction home, there are so many decisions that have to be made, and deadlines of when they must be made by. This task can be overwhelming, and if not done right, you can end up with a brand new home that feels impersonal and “cookie-cutter.”

Bringing in an interior designer from the beginning of a new construction project, allows you the opportunity to have an expert with you to help you achieve a well thought-out home; someone who has your needs and style in mind. We will work alongside you and your builder, and customize every element of the interior space, so you are not solely relying on the builder and standard materials they may offer.

Working with us gives you the benefit of being able to select everything exactly as you want, from the beginning! From room layout, and custom window and wall treatments, to upgraded finishes and beautiful lighting and furniture; all of the elements needed to create a luxurious interior that stays true to your individual style.

We will select materials, finishes and fixtures, from cabinetry to flooring, countertops, millwork, and paint colors. We help with specialty designs like built-in bookcases, fireplace layouts and designer looks, to dramatic and unique wall and ceiling treatments. We assist with placement of lighting and outlets, and consider furniture arrangement from the start so you feel secure that you are making the right decisions along the way.

We look to make the absolute most of all the beautiful voids and spaces that are bare and ready for design, warmth and life.

Our Process

  1. Initial Consult

    During this first meeting, we like to learn about you, your lifestyle, and the vision you wish to create. We find out all of the details about the home you are building, what you want us to focus on, and any deadlines we need to consider

    After this meeting, we follow up with a formal Proposal outlining the scope of the work and fees associated with the next steps of the project.

  2. Making Suggestions

    We will review your house plans and give you feedback on the layout, while noting any possible issues that may be of concern. We can offer suggestions for lighting locations and take into consideration the look and functionality of each room.

  3. Gathering Selections

    We gather flooring, tile, countertop materials, cabinetry, plumbing, and hardware options from the builder suggested showrooms, or builder design center to create a cohesive and unique look. We meet with you to review the selections and keep a list of all decisions made so your builder can order it all.

  4. Furniture and Final Details

    We can find and purchase unique lighting for you to dress those special areas like the foyer, kitchen, and dining room. We can select, purchase, and coordinate deliveries of furniture and window treatments, and add final touches such as artwork, decor, and styling at the end of the project. We can make your home move-in ready for you, because we know this process can be complicated and overwhelming. We are here to help!

“My Interior Designer transformed my house plans into my dream home”