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Ideas & Inspiration

  1. A Modern Cottage Ranch Home Transformation

    Whenever we get the opportunity to renovate a house that has been unmaintained and outdated, it makes us very happy! Our Buck Valley project gives us major goose bumps. That is why, when our client first contacted us, looking for assistance with a little ranch home she bought as a foreclosure, we were delighted to…

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  2. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation

    Do you love the look of a modern farmhouse bathroom? Our lovely clients came to us this year, looking to update their master bathroom using this style. They had a wish list that included: Modern farmhouse style Larger shower Linen closet Better lighting We thought it would be fun to share with you, the process…

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  3. Tips To Styling A Shelf

    Learn how to style your shelf like a pro from Love Your Room! Hello Design Lovers! If you are looking to give your wall or bookcase shelves a quick ‘zhuzhing’, you will want to check out these simple tips. The designers at LYR have shared their top ideas when styling any shelf! TWO and THREE…

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  4. The Truth About Planning a Remodel During The Holiday Season

    It’s that time of year again; sweater weather AND the holidays are getting close. What does this mean for homeowners who want to give a room a facelift with some new paint, furniture, and a sprinkle of decor? And what if there is construction involved, such as a kitchen or bath remodel? If you are…

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  5. Why Hire An Interior Designer When Building Your Dream Home

    Hello Design Lovers! What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer when building a home? If you are reading this then you are already on the right track to building a home that will have the best outcome. We are answering the most popular questions. We included the ways Love Your Room (LYR) assists…

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  6. How To Create A Home Cocktail Lounge

    Hello Design Lovers! Entertaining at home has never been so chic! Homeowners are turning outdated rooms into cool cocktail lounges complete with a well stocked bar and a funky stylish room theme. In 2019 we received more requests than ever for home cocktail lounge projects. This trend seems to be growing, especially at the moment. Now…

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  7. Work-From-Home Tips From Your Fellow Non-Commuter

    Hello Design Lovers! If you are working from home right now, and are successful at it, you can work through anything! It is a hard adjustment if you are not used to combining work and home life though. You might have had a schedule that included a commute, set working hours, and a quiet office….

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  8. Paint Colors for Your Foyer Door

    IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES WITH THESE INTERIOR DESIGNER TIPS! One design element in the home’s entry way that is commonly overlooked, is the front door! Painting it can give a small foyer a big cheerful pop of color, and can make a large boring entrance, warm and inviting! The best part is, that painting your door…

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  9. Our Top 4 Favorite Neutral Paint Colors

    Let’s talk paint! More specifically, lets look at the neutral paint colors our design team uses often for client projects! We have worked with hundreds of paint colors over the years and have experience with which neutral paint colors did not look like the sample when applied to the wall, many times due to an…

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