It’s time to predict the TOP FOUR home design trends for 2023!  As an experienced and busy interior design firm that works on multiple residential renovations a year, we have noticed a few consistent design requests that we are loving.  A lot of the changes in design we are seeing are due to a big push toward self-care and well-being in the home.  Rooms are more than just well-dressed staged areas; they are uniquely curated with the homeowners needs in mind.  When all the rooms in our homes are more functional, there is much less stress on our daily life.  With this in mind, these top four design choices add comfort and wellness.  Amen to that!

Rooms are more than just well-dressed staged areas; they are uniquely curated with the homeowners needs in mind.”

* All photos are designs by Love Your Room

The Walk-in Pantry

You might have noticed that pantry sizes have become much bigger than ever!  Some homes are now being built with its own pantry room.  The pantry is a more casual space, so it is a chance to have open shelving, and to use baskets, or other containers to organize your products.  If you do not have a pantry room, you can get this look by outfitting a closet in your kitchen with shallow cabinetry and a counter top.  Make it stylish by using a colorful finish, and fun back splash.  

Reading and Game Nooks

Game tables are back!  Family rooms truly become a place for the whole family, with seating for watching television, and a separate cozy spot for working on a puzzle, reading a book, or playing a game (and even doing a little homework).  The key is to use a nice size game table.  Thirty inches high, and thirty inch or thirty six inch round work really well.  Make it inviting and comfortable.  Use upholstered seating, and create a beautiful overall look by installing bookcases on either side.  Lastly, give it its own lighting source. 

Cocktail Lounge

Dining rooms should be dramatic and anything goes!  Customizing the cabinetry adds to the glamour!   You can pick a bold finish color, cool hardware and glass inserts, and design it to fit all your particular needs.  The counter top should be durable (like a quartz or granite) and you can include an under counter frig.  Beverage prep should be easy to do now with this set up!  You no longer have to leave your dining room to mix a cocktail for your guests.  

The dining room and the living room, two rooms that spent years underused, are becoming hot spots again by incorporating a custom cocktail lounge.  It’s a great idea.  Our design studio has been busy creating funky cozy cocktail lounges in living rooms for the last few years, and homeowners use them nightly for large and intimate gatherings.  But there is now a shift to do the same in the dining room.  Incorporating custom cabinetry to display wine and spirits, and include ample storage for the glassware and cocktail makers, makes sense.  

Complete the room with unique wall art.  One big trend is to display wall plates but have fun using any precious collectables to give it a unique touch.  

The Coffee Station

Brewing a cup of coffee any time of day is now super easy, with the trend of incorporating a spot in your kitchen created just for that.  If you are not a coffee drinker, tea works also!  This is not a new phenomenon but the customization is getting more popular.  Open shelving to show off mugs and carafes, specially located outlets for industrial coffee makers, and exciting tile patterns used as back drops.  

We have a few projects in progress now that include a coffee station in a primary suite, a basement, and living room.  They include under counter refrigerators and pull-out trays.  It is just one of the simple pleasures in our homes that can bring us joy.  


Color and Style

In 2023 we will see a shift from minimalism, to a more organic and vibrant vibe.  Its all about expressing yourself.  Still using neutrals, but layering varying shades of color thru patterns, and textures.  Bring in pattern thru wallpaper and soft window treatments.  Choose a rug that has its own bold look, and sprinkle a number of pillows in varying colors.  We love mixing velvets with cottons.  

Shades of pinks and purples not only pretty, but calming.  And they are the favorite choice for Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, among other paint companies.  Just check out their ‘color of the year 2023’ picks.

There will be a lot more mixing and matching of furniture this coming year, so say yes to the stand out piece you have had your eye on.  

Now let’s talk about décor!  Unique finds, family heirlooms and a few bold choices rule the display shelves in 2023.  Part of moving away from minimalism, is adding your own personality thru the details.

* All photos are designs by Love Your Room