Let’s talk paint!

More specifically, lets look at the neutral paint colors our design team uses often for client projects! We have worked with hundreds of paint colors over the years and have experience with which neutral paint colors did not look like the sample when applied to the wall, many times due to an odd undertone. Or perhaps it did not look the same with artificial lighting, or the opposite; did not work well with too much natural lighting. You may have come across similar problems. Yep, picking a good neutral color can be tricky!

If you suddenly feel intimidated by all of this, don’t worry!  We have a few colors up our sleeves that we have used over and over again without fail!  Here are our top ‘go to’ neutral paint colors:

Sherwin William Useful Gray

* Our ‘go-to color’ for foyers, hallways, rooms with low ceilings, and rooms with dark cabinetry/furniture.
* Has a light earth tone gray undertone!
Benjamin Moore Gray

* Our ‘go-to color’ for accent walls, front entry doors, and accent ceilings.
* Works well with many light gray colors!

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

*Our ‘go-to color’ for bedrooms, offices, and homes with open floor plans.
* It is soft and versatile with both warm and cool accents!

Benjamin Moore Decorators White

*Our ‘go-to color’ for painted cabinets, trim work, doors, and ceilings.
* This white can easily work with any neutral paint color; it can even become a neutral paint color for a minimal look!


Sample Your Paint!

The neutral paint you choose is the backdrop for all the fun and dramatic colors you bring into your room, so we have one more piece of advice for you: Give your color a test drive! Purchase a sample of it to paint on your walls. Pro tip: make sure the sample is applied to clean white walls, so first prime the area where the sample will be applied. This makes a HUGE difference. We do not know anyone who has ever been excited about repainting a newly painted room, so take the time to make sure you like the sample.

Good luck with your next paint project!


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