Learn how to style your shelf like a pro from Love Your Room!

Hello Design Lovers! If you are looking to give your wall or bookcase shelves a quick ‘zhuzhing’, you will want to check out these simple tips. The designers at LYR have shared their top ideas when styling any shelf!

  1. TWO and THREE are key! Pair together two decor items on one side of the shelf, and three on the other.
  2. Balance one large decor item with a grouping of three on a shelf.
  3. For multiple shelves, we never arrange decor in the same way on the following shelf.

  1. Use books to create height and interest.
  2. Layer photo frames horizontally and vertically to establish different heights.
  3. When we are happy with the shelf(s) arrangement, we take a photo of it on our iphone. Seeing it thru a photo allows us to see if something is missing.
  4. We have all of our decor options laid out in front of us so we can easily grab and try them on the shelf.

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