Hello design lovers!

Wallpaper is the single most simple way to transform a room. Yes! The power of a pattern, a floral, or a texture can turn any wall or ceiling into a major statement piece. Wallpaper is on an upward trend (not like it ever went out of style, but there are so many new stylish options).

If we have had the pleasure of working with you, or you follow us on Instagram, you know we love our wallpaper. We use it in many of our projects because we know how much power a single roll can hold (well, double roll I should say, since many times you can only purchase it that way).

We have included a few of our favorite room transformations using wallpaper.

Bathroom Wallpaper That Feels Happy

bathroom wallpaper

Sheffield Project

Turn a small bathroom into a cheery space just by adding bright colored wallpaper to even just one wall! This is a long narrow room so when you look in, it pulls your eye to the focal wall and you forget how compact the bathroom is.

Wallpaper The Back Of A Bookcase

bookcase wallpaper

Stella Project

Try a smaller patterned wallpaper on the back wall of a bookcase for a custom look. You would not be able to get the full affect of a large pattern between all the shelves, so keep that in mind. We love the classic lattice pattern used in this Upper Saucon home in a fresh gray color.

Textured Wallpaper For A Modern Glam Dining Room

Dining Room grasscloth wallpaper

North Project

This dining room takes on a luxurious look you cannot achieve with just paint. We used a grass cloth wallpaper in a deep blue hue for this Allentown home. The texture adds so much warmth and keeps the room feeling fresh and modern. We installed it above a bright white chair rail. The room feels so bold and moody because of this bright and dark combo!

Wallpaper Ceiling Magic

ceiling wallpaper

Wheaton Project

This Bethlehem dining room stirs the drama by adding wallpaper to the ceiling. The space started out with no trim-work at all. When we designed the room, we added all the wall moldings, and wanted to focus on the ceiling too. Filling the center of the ceiling trim-work with this shimmery bold wallpaper gave this room a show stopper look! The room has become magical.

Wallpaper Used As An Accent Wall

Bella Project

If you’re afraid of overwhelming the room with a rich pattern, start by covering just one wall – it might be all you need to create the glamorous effect you want!

Use Wallpaper To Separate An Area In An Open Concept Home

Dining wallpaper

Sheffield Project

Wallpaper is a great option to visually show that a space in an open concept home is designated for something in particular. This Emmaus breakfast area is outfitted in a beautiful paper that gives the area its own personality, yet still blends with the paint in the rest of the home.

Large Pattern Alluring Bedroom Wallpaper

bedroom accent wall

“Make your personal space extraordinary.”

Oh, the power of a beautiful large pattern wallpaper. You can’t tell, but this paper is shimmery.

What ever wallpaper you choose, bright colors and pattern turn any room into a more visually appealing show stopper!