Hello Design Lovers! What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer when building a home? If you are reading this then you are already on the right track to building a home that will have the best outcome. We are answering the most popular questions. We included the ways Love Your Room (LYR) assists our own clients to get successful beautiful results.

What are the top five benefits of hiring an interior designer when building a home?

  1. Building a home can become very emotional. You fall in love with all of the beautiful options out there, and can get overwhelmed quickly. Or maybe you have so many Pinterest inspiration boards, but now you are confused because you cannot seem to re-create a similar look that matches what you have saved as inspiration. Or you are under a lot of stress because the builder needs approval on things that you are not ready to make a decision on, because you cannot visualize the end result. Designers use common sense, understand plans, and know how to work with homeowners and builders to make the building process easier, and exciting.
  2. Designers know how to save money without sacrificing style, and they know where to splurge on custom features that will make a BIG impact. At LYR, we keep an eye on the budget when selecting materials like cabinetry, counter tops, tile, etc. because we know there is a lot of it, and it can add up. We have an eye on the trends and techniques in building construction. What we bring to the table, is an understanding of how to design a beautiful home, without blowing your budget on materials.
  3. Designers know the best sources. We have access to specialty materials, know the trends, and can offer unique solutions.
  4. Couples do not always agree. This can not only put stress on your relationship when building a home, but it can also delay the construction process. Designers can reconcile conflicting styles and incorporate what is important to both partners.
  5. Designers assist with every stage of building a house including getting you window treatments and furniture. We even get asked to bring in the towels, and the welcome mat! We got your back! The relationship starts with the house plans, and can stay strong for years.

When is the best time to hire an interior designer when building a new home?

Find an interior designer as early in the process as possible. At LYR, we have been very helpful to home buyers when building a home, by reviewing the early stages of their house plans. We want to make sure the kitchen has the right layout and storage needs for avid cooks, and the home has the most functional laundry room. We are familiar with furniture sizes and well-placed traffic areas so the family room and dining room for example, can seat the amount of people you want. We ask the questions about how you live, so your home will be laid out to grow with you. We also know how important lighting is, and review lighting plans in detail, so electric can be added in the correct places. We do our best to think of all the details that make life easier when living in the home.

We are typically called back in to assist with the building materials and paint. These are ‘big ticket’ items that you want to have an experienced designer assist with. For example, what flooring to use in my new home? What should the cabinet finish and door style look like in my kitchen and bathrooms? Will the backsplash work well with the counter top? We also have access to a wide variety of wallpaper and unique lighting. We can recommend personalized ‘wow’ statements, and supply those materials as well, so they are at your new home, ready to be installed when needed!

As an added benefit, we can provide mid to high-end custom furnishings, artwork and décor, as well as rugs, bedding and lamps. We manage the purchasing and coordinate the delivery so homeowners have everything when the home is built. This is a feature our clients really appreciate.

How do I choose the best interior designer to assist me with building a new home?

Look for these three things:

  1. You want to be sure you like their design aesthetic. Each designer has their own signature look. Check out their portfolio. Does their style resonate with you? If so, read about their services, and if they offer what you are looking for, contact them to find out more details.  At LYR, our signature aesthetic is to create a feeling of comfortable luxury; a blend of elegant finishes that look high end, with a sophisticated mix of furnishings that express a personal relaxing vibe.
  2. You want to get along well with the designer. The more comfortable you feel with the designer, the better the end result. At LYR, we understand the stress that goes into all of the detailed decisions that must be made. We start with a face to face meeting to discuss our clients dreams, timeline, budget, and offer expert advice, right from the start. An experienced designer wants to fulfill your dreams, while working with the practicalities of what your builder can do. There are always ways to get a custom look that flows beautifully, while still controlling costs!
  3. You want to know their process, capabilities, and timeframe. The initial conversation you have with a designer should be in person. You will probably pay a fee for this meeting, but it is worthwhile because you want to be able to get expert advice about what is on your wish list, and know what is doable based on the look and material you envision. The designer wants you to not only build your dream home, but fill it with the furnishings you need to function. The pitfalls are when the build goes over budget and the homeowner is not able to bring in the furniture or window shades. The designer can discuss this with you in depth.

Does the interior designer work with the homeowners’ builder and architect, only the homeowner, or both?

Yes to all! Each of these professionals play an important role, and when everyone works together, you get the best end result! At LYR, sometimes the builder recommends we work directly with their clients, other times the architects will work with us, and we will make selections/suggestions for them to review with their clients.

Does an interior designer recommend a builder and/or architect?

If a client is looking to build a home, and has a relationship with the interior designer, he/she may ask for a recommendation. At LYR, we have great relationships with both builders and architects, and would be happy to get you started in the right direction.

Does it make sense to hire an interior designer for a semi-custom home, as well as a custom built home?

Semi-custom builders have a set number of house plans to choose from, and you will be required to pick from those options. They may also have a design showroom where you go to choose your building materials and finishes. LYR can assist with semi-custom homes likes these. We are helpful with making the best choices from what is available to you.

It is a benefit that LYR has designed and staged model homes for semi-custom builders. We know what questions to ask, and what upgrades are important to do from the start.

For fully custom builders, having an interior designer is incredibly helpful because there can be endless options. LYR can find the right options based on what is important to you, and what will bring the most value to your home. Designers think about your lifestyle and will look at the trends and determine which ones will be long-lasting. We will help you make clear decisions on which upgrades will benefit you the most to do from the beginning. Some things to think about would be increased living space. Does it make sense for your family to have an in-home office, gym, or finished basement? Do you want an island or gathering space incorporated into your kitchen? Adding in the breakfast bar or outfitting the pantry with extra cabinet storage or a second refrigerator would be more cost effective to do now, rather than diving into a renovation later on. We are conscious of the overall budget you want to stick to, and plan ways to create personal and stylish spaces.

Do interior designers shop for building materials with clients?

If the builder has their own design center, designers either meet the homeowner there to make selections, or the designer will do the selecting, and then meet with the homeowner to present everything.

If the builder allows the homeowner to choose their building material from various vendors, it is up to the designer to either meet the homeowner at each vender to make selections, or the designer will make the selections on their own, and then review them with the homeowner.

At LYR, we prefer to make the selections, then review it all together with the homeowner. The reason for this is two-fold:

When there are so many options to choose from, the homeowner can get overwhelmed and distracted with the amount of choices. This may cause the decision process to take more time and end up costing the homeowner more money. We like to narrow down the options, so the homeowner has a clear vision and can see the overall look.

Designers know what materials will work together with other materials in the home; they can visualize the overall look and style, and typically what cost restrictions they should stick to in order to keep you within your budget.

What are specific examples of how an interior designer can make a new construction home unique?

Designers think about incorporating decorative ceiling trim-work and design dramatic millwork for a two story foyer. At LYR, we think outside the box when it comes to tile, like continuing it all the way up to the ceiling or mixing in unique coordinating pieces, as well as playing with the pattern to get a stunning effect. We make the most of features like fireplace design, built-in cabinetry, mudrooms, and even powder rooms, because that room is used every day, by everyone.  We find very special lighting for each room; pay attention to where to place wall sconces, to get dramatic and functional style. We look at door hardware, trim color, and think about how the furniture and décor will work in each room during the planning stage! We consider how much natural light will come thru each room, including the foyer, to determine the style of the front door. These are just a few examples of what we, at LYR, offer to make a newly constructed house feel like a beautiful haven.

How does an interior design team bill for this type of work?

Each designer may have a different way of billing. At LYR, we are currently billing in packages of hours. Since we assist in a variety of ways, from house plans to finding building materials, we have found that clients truly appreciate purchasing a series of hours. Once those hours have been allocated, additional hours can be purchased. This way, the client tells us what they want help with, and we do that specific task. Sometimes our clients have us review their home plans, and work on specific rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms only. They then come back to have us select the finish materials for them. Then we work with them to find furniture and window treatments. In other instances, we manage more aspects of the project. You only pay for the hours allocated for the work you have us do for you.

Consider the result of a well done home build. Is it worth it?

Hiring an interior designer is an investment that is well worth the cost. When we complete a project, we typically are told from the client that they did not realize the influence we would have on, not only their new home, but their life. We do not strive to just do a ‘nice’ job, we want to impact your life in a positive way. The way you live day to day, in your home, is constantly on our minds. Enhancing each day for you by creating an environment that tells a story unique to you, and that functions well, is a passion we have.

If you would like to find out if we are a good fit to assist you with your new home build, please contact us.