Hello Design Lovers! Entertaining at home has never been so chic! Homeowners are turning outdated rooms into cool cocktail lounges complete with a well stocked bar and a funky stylish room theme. In 2019 we received more requests than ever for home cocktail lounge projects. This trend seems to be growing, especially at the moment. Now more than ever, people are looking to have ‘at home’ gatherings, smaller gatherings with family and friends in their homes due to sheltering in place. Also, with an increase in people working remotely, there is more time to head over to someone else’s place for a cocktail and snack, or to have a last minute get together at their own home. Incorporating a bar and social gathering spot that is ready to be used at any time, is key! There are many ways to achieve a home bar and hangout area. Some of our clients have us re-design a room for this sole purpose, and some want to incorporate it within a room that functions as something else; like a dining room or living room. We thought it would be fun to share some ‘must have’ ideas if you are looking to add a fun spot in your own haven!


  • Mini refrigerator

    The best host has a chilled beverage ready to go for any guest!

  • Countertop with wall outlet

    A clear tabletop space for hot and cold food, as well as for a blender and coffee-maker, make acting as a bartender or barista easy!

  • A seating area for conversation

    People will want to keep coming back when they know there is a cozy spot for them to chill out in.

  • Mood lighting

    Overhead lighting on dimmers and a mix of lamps give a warm glow any time of day, creating a dreamy bar feel.

  • Cabinet or cart to hold bar and glassware.

    Incorporate an organized piece of furniture, shelving, or built-in cabinet, that make finding your cocktail tools easy!


  • Create a conversation area

    Replace a large dining table or oversized single sofa with various chairs and accent tables; place them in an L-shape, U-shape, or across from each other. The goal is to face your guest so you have eye contact and can be at a comfortable distance.

  • Lots of pillows

    Loose pillows give physical support to someone’s backside, as well as emotional support and stress relievers when hugged.

  • A variety of accent tables

    Having a low table near your seating area is key because it allows you to place a drink or food down without having to get up.


We recently renovated a traditional dining room into a swanky cocktail lounge. We made sure to incorporate all of the ideas we listed above. Here is the background story for the project, the steps we took, and photos of the cocktail lounge that were photographed by professional photographer Alyssha Csuk.

home bar lounge


Our clients, a beautiful family of five, moved into a spec home in Emmaus, Pennsylvania after the custom one they were building, did not work out. They hired us to transform a room meant to be a dining room, into a moody and glamorous cocktail lounge to entertain friends in. They wanted something dramatic; the wife is fashionable and modern, so this room called for an over-the-top elegant vibe. The husband requested a television in the room, and the wife asked us to put it somewhere it would not be the focus of the room. We also wanted to add a dry bar and seating for their guests. Since we already worked with this client before, they were very open to our ideas, and the design thru construction of this room, went quickly and smoothly.


We wanted this room to be luring and flirtatious; A ‘come hither’ space that made you want to throw a party, and never want to leave! This room is all about shiny texture, vibrant color, and pattern.


home bar lounge

The first thing we did, was wallpaper the room’s ceiling in a glitzy metallic Brewster paper. We installed a sparkly chandelier in polished nickel with crystals and mesh chains in the center of the room. Layering the reflective wallpaper with the new crystal light, made the ceiling come to life! Soft lighting is important in a cocktail lounge. We controlled the natural light by using black silk drapes and satin roman shades. Two tall gold floor lamps with black shades give off a warm glow in the rooms’ corners. Every piece of furniture you sat on needed to feel a little formal and special, so it had to be velvet and tufted! And every table surface had to have shiny metal. The zebra patterned rug is actually indoor/outdoor, so if you spill a drink on it, no worries!

The back wall draws you in with its oversized floral wallpaper from Brewster. To keep both clients happy, we added the television by placing it on a wall that keeps it discreet. It is installed using a wall mount that has an articulating arm so it can be adjusted in multiple positions for viewing pleasure!

custom bar

We designed a modern dry bar to hold a plethora of liquor, wine and bar tools. It was custom created to work around a long intake vent. The slab cabinet doors are finished in an ebony stain, and we used crinkle glass for two of the upper cabinet doors. For the hardware, we kept it clean and contemporary by using round glass knobs.

The counter top is Marquina Midnight Quartz, and has beautiful white large veins. We created a book-matched effect by mirroring the counter surface with the back splash so the veining looks like it runs all the way up the wall. Very opulent looking!

home cocktail lounge

After we completed this project, our client said “This room is my favorite place to be in my house. Our guests have the biggest crush on it; and I love to sit in this room all by myself in the evenings. It has become a favorite spot to unwind after the kids go to bed.”

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