Hello Design Lovers! If you are working from home right now, and are successful at it, you can work through anything! It is a hard adjustment if you are not used to combining work and home life though. You might have had a schedule that included a commute, set working hours, and a quiet office. Now that has changed and can feel confusing. Plus social interaction has disappeared all but virtually. Remember work breaks to chat at the water cooler, or grabbing lunch with co-workers? You have to be self sufficient to work from home now. You make your hours, you make your lunch, you make the decisions of how you go about your day. That can be difficult, but there are a few key things that will keep you productive. Create a happy office space for yourself, and adjust your mind set! Here are the most important tips and tricks I can think of as a fellow, ‘work from home’ warrior!


You are more productive and happy in inspiring surroundings.

“Similarly to booking a heavenly vacation, you want to find your office inspiring so you feel positive vibes there.”

home office

Set the mood thru color choices surrounding you.

Do you love Italy, Greece, an exotic island, or the golf courses in Ireland? Add those soothing colors to your office space. Include artwork and photos. Wall murals and wallpaper are very nice personal touches also! Your work space should keep you focused, allowing creativity to flow, and staying relaxed. A messy or cold feeling room is not good for productivity.

Include plants.

Nature is very healing for the mind.  Have plants on bookcases, your desk, or a window sill.


Getting that natural light ignites positive vibes. Vitamin D. If your office area does not allow for natural light, make sure the artificial light comes thru various sources and uses soft white bulbs, as opposed to harsh bright white.

home office

Get comfortable office furniture.

Invest in a good quality desk chair that has a high back with good support. Your desk should have ample table top space. You need room to layout paperwork, office supplies, your computer, and your elbows need to have wing span on the surface. If it is cluttered, your mind is cluttered. If you do not have room on your desk, use your walls to get organized. White boards, cork boards, and file holders.

Custom furniture takes the most advantage of wall space.

The office is the best place to have built-ins. You can create the storage you need, add in additional desks, and hide electronics like your printer, while taking advantage of corners, including incorporating a window bench with more storage!

home office

Desk placement.

If you can face your desk toward the center of the room, you will feel very confident because you are physically in control of the room. If you have to face a wall, make sure that wall is inspirational. Use wallpaper, a wall mural, or artwork.

Mood music.

A big trend is to have Productivity Music on in the background. It provides motivation if you are bored, or doing a repetitive task. Whether it be jazz, coffee house, classical, or even sounds of nature that work for you, you can find a good assortment of playlists on Spotify or You Tube.


Adjust your mindset! This, to me, is THE most important item to tackle. Working from home can be tough because there are a ton of distractions. The goal is to be productive while working, and maintaining a work life balance. How do you do that? Here are good ways to have the right mind set to accomplish work:

Setting working hours for yourself.

This does not have to be the typical 9-5. If possible, choose the hours you are most energized and productive.

“I get most things done quicker in the early morning, so my work hours can be 7 am to 3 pm. Because I work from home, I don’t have to worry about a commute so its actually quicker for me to begin my work day!”

Create a dedicated quiet work space.

For long term productive efforts, you will need a desk area that is away from ‘noise.’ This includes the kids, the living room TV, any other electronic distractions.

Have rules for others in your home so you are not disturbed.

Create “To Do” lists.

This can be written out, printed out, or done thru a project manager application. There are a number of choices! Have your list handy before work.

“I use a program called Basecamp. It allows me to create my list of ‘to do’ items, add a deadline, and even share them with co-workers.“

Working from home is an adjustment, but you got this! Also check out Four Ways To Add Wellness To Your Home.