Hello design lovers!

What is the most dramatic room in your home? Mine is the dining room! Why? It turns a simple meal into something special.

And a meal with company should be ‘an inspired experience.’

What better way to inspire than to give it an over the top personality!

We are bananas for this stunning BEFORE and AFTER formal dining room. It was dated and offered little fantasy. We embraced it though and with some tweaking, it is now ready for its close up! We are sharing our step by step process AND progress of the changes we made.

The Dining Room looked like this…










  • Open up the entrance into the dining room to fit a larger table

The larger opening increases the flow from the hall to the dining room. It’s a much more modern take on a traditional space.


  • Add millwork to the walls and ceiling to create architectural details

Our millwork plan was thought out carefully. When you want to add any trim work, its best to take measurements and make sure all the boxes work out before doing any construction.


  • Use a dark color palette to create an intimate mood

We used Benjamin Moore 2121-10 Gray paint on the upper walls to outline the new trim work giving it a dramatic bold look. The trim paint is Benjamin Moore OC 149 Decorators White.


We installed wallpaper on the ceiling that has a shiny sheen and bold pattern that dances about above the table when the chandelier is lit! It also makes our new ceiling trim feel like it has always been there!

The wallpaper we used is Brewster Honeycomb Beige Geometric.


  • Install various sources of lighting that are dimmable to create ultimate ambiance

A beautiful chandelier with multiple bulbs on a dimmer allows you to control the lighting so you can be moody or bright and sparkly.


The new wall sconces add to the ambiance!


  • Choose the right size furniture with a grand feel

Finally we added the furniture, making sure the table was extra wide and the chairs were extra comfy. And this table has a few more leaves to open up even further!


The upholstery on the chairs are so good they are golden!


The Dining Room now looks like this…


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