Hello design lovers!

Are you ready to talk about the BIGGEST HOME DESIGN TRENDS happening now?! Want to know if these trends will last, or become ‘so yesterday’ in six months? We are breaking down FOUR major 2019 design directions homeowners and designers are crazy about.

Remember 2018 trends? It was the year of marble, dark wood, bold tiled floors, rose gold, and shiplap just about everywhere.

Are you reading this and wondering ‘will these listed 2018 trends be outdated soon?  I just renovated my home using one or more of them?

Here’s the lowdown about ‘trends’ in my opinion:

They will change constantly, and when influencers get on board with one, the trend grows and saturates the market. Then it’s like that old saying ‘what goes up, must come down.’ Everyone has seen it, has been a part of the movement, and is ready to embrace a new fun idea. Bottom line is, the trend may have died down for now, but good taste never goes out of style. If you love something that is no longer trending, who cares about the trend!

While many of the styles we saw will continue to be popular in 2019, others are officially over. Whether you are renovating your home, buying a new one or simply redecorating a room, here is everything you need to know from the designers who set the trends.


This is the most popular question I get as a designer. From wall color, to cabinet finish, to upholstery, gray has been THE palette of choice. We now see a shift from this cooler palette to a warmer one with vibrant accents. Shades of gray are still very present but they are not the focus. Neutral colors are more taupe and tan mixed with the gray. Why the warmer change? People are looking to embrace their personality and colorful side probably because we have seen so many neutral cooler trends for the past two years.

To get this warmer gray shade we use Sherwin William Agreeable Gray 7029. This designer created a beautiful backdrop using a color similar to Agreeable Gray shown here.

Thom Filicia Living Room

Design by Thom Filicia

Benjamin Moore Cosmopolitan CSP 100 is a nice taupe gray color. It looks similar to this beautiful room shown here.

Erin Gates family room

Design by Erin Gates


We are in a livable luxury movement! We are seeing a lot more glam but this does not mean you have to live in a Tiffany’s jewelry box. Livable Luxury is having things around you that feel soft to the touch, look cozy, and make a beautiful statement.

I am naming this style Livable Luxury because the overall look is much more luxurious than the farmhouse and bohemian trend we have seen so much of. It’s ‘livable’ because it takes the beauty and character of the farmhouse natural woods, rattan, cane and bamboo, and mixes it in with this more glamorous look. The focus is on the upholstery and finishes which are all about velvets, lacquer, shiny metals, mirrors, and fabulous backdrops like a bold wall color or wallpaper.

The natural product trend won’t be going away as we produce more sustainable furnishings. Also jewel tones are popping up in bedding and offices, and the end result is a spectacular impact. It is a wonderful mix that I am embracing wholeheartedly!

JLayton Interiors banquette

Design by JLayton Interiors

designer living room

Johny Yoder Team Blog


Remember when that dusty pink popped up last year? Then coral was the predicted color of 2019. Well, I predict the pinks win! Pink is associated with love and romance and is shown to have a calming effect when used in a light shade. I am seeing it everywhere and it creates a wonderful instant update to a tired room.

The super talented designer Martyn Bullard recently worked with Kylie Jenner on her home and decked out her dining room in shades of pink. Totally a rock star move!

martyn bullard for kylie jenner dining room

Design by Martyn Bullard

Blush pinks give off a luxurious hue as seen in this posh Christopher Guy showroom.

Christopher Guy living room

Design by Christopher Guy Furniture

Here is one more pale pink that is stunning!

neutral living room

High Fashions Home


Green is everywhere, from fabrics to walls, to kitchen cabinetry, to plant life; in all shades from teal to emeralds. Velvet green sofas are also very popular. As a society we are more in touch with our natural surroundings, using more sustainable products and making healthier eating choices. It makes sense that green, the color of nature, would be a trend.

Green was a huge trend at this Spring’s High Point Market where 75,000 or so furniture industry professionals gathered to view the latest in the market place. Caracole Furniture staged a gorgeous library using emerald green velvet chairs. Right on trend!

Caracole Furniture green velvet chairs

Design by Caracole Furniture

Adding plants has been on the rise for a few years. We are seeing it pop up in bookcase décor, along bay windows, and on tabletops. I love this bold statement plant this designer added to the buffet.

Matt Tucker Design Group buffet

Design by Matt Tucker Design Group

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