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We are talking window shades today! We have narrowed our favorite kind and want to share why! Shades used to be something you needed out of necessity, something you hid behind a valance or accompanied with draperies. So not true any more! Roman shades have become not only a great functional investment, but finish off a room with subtle beauty and style! A flat roman shade in a neutral fabric or texture offers the most diversity to us, as designers, because we can easily decorate around them. So that means, if you invest in them now, you will know you can re-decorate and not have to re-invest in new shades later on!

 Why Is There A Trend to Use Roman Shades?

There have never been as many shade options as there are today. I love options, and I love this trend toward less cumbersome weighty window treatments that need to be cleaned, and that can overpower a room. The flat roman shades can fit right inside a window, or right around a window frame, adding flair without bulk. They offer a soft feel like you get from draperies but have the functionality to control light. These are the perfect choice for less traditional rooms that mix comfort and style.

Custom roman shades can be costly due to the amount of fabric you need and labor involved, but we now offer semi-custom shades in a an array of neutrals and textures, and our clients are loving them! There are also online and store retailers that offer flat roman shades as long as you know the dimensions of your window, and that they carry that size. In a nutshell, here is why we love these shades:

Flat Roman Shade benefits:

  • They can be mounted inside or outside the window!

  • You can have your shade made cordless or with a chain!

  • They can be made motorized!

  • You can get them light filtering or room darkening!

  • They work in windows that are not suitable for draperies due to their placement!

  • You get the feel of a drapery but minimal bulk!

  • You easily control the light that comes in!


An Elegant Shade For A Tranquil Bedroom

Room darkening roman shade in bedroom

Roman shades can give a bedroom a rich dreamy look! We used silky dark gray flat roman shades to deter as much light from coming through as possible, and at the same time, offered a romantic heavenly ambiance.

*These shades were a perfect solution to a major dilemma we had for this Saucon Valley bedroom. The room is not large and the best placement for the bed was under the group of windows that were not standard size. The shades make the window look like the room set up was planned out this way, and does not take away from the overall attractive aesthetic!

A Great Shade For A Traditional, Mid-Century Or Farmhouse Kitchen

roman shade in kitchen

Kitchens don’t have to look utilitarian, and your window treatments can really change that in an instant! It is a hard working space so bulky draperies are not efficient. We opted for soft woven flat roman shades that fit inside the windows to keep the room clean looking. The fabric gives this room an upscale finishing touch.

A Casual Modern Family Room Shade

roman shade in family room

The family room is a great place to gather and watch television, but if there is too much sunlight coming in through the windows, you need to find window treatments to block that light. If you have a number of wide windows, you do not want your treatments to overwhelm the room.

“Flat roman shades offer a solution that is both functional and stylish!”

A rich silky fabric along a wide window looks chic, and it is so easy to adjust the light!

A Charming Zen Bathroom Shade

Roman shade in bathroom

The bathroom shown above has a spa-like feel. The natural woven texture of the flat roman shades complete the blissful look around the soaking tub! The shades are light filtering so the room has privacy yet soft light still comes thru.

Great Shade To Use To Layer Your Window Treatments

layered roman shades with drapes

We are working on a family room right now here in Bethlehem, PA! We added a woven flat roman shade that controls the light yet has a neutral fabric so it does not take away from the other elements in the room. We then layered it with a pair of draperies to add to the coziness. They coordinate beautifully with the shades and increase the dimension and texture!

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